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Today is Thursday, June 4, 2020
1.  s- Mr. Tommy $6.99

Boar's Head Salami with provolone spinach, red onion, fire roasted red peppers and pesto mayo on a fresh Calandra's sub.

2.  w-Chipotle Ranch Chicken Wrap $7.19

grilled chicken ,boars head bacon,cheddar cheese ,romaine lettuce,chiptle mayo and ranch dressing.

3.  p-Pub House Panini $7.19

boars head filet  of beef topped with leaf romaine lettuce ,horse radish and melted cheddar on a grilled panini.

4.  c-Cheese steak Supreme $7.29

Our delicious cheese steak piled high with grilled onions ,your choice of hot or sweet peppers,crispy french fries and melted provolone cheese.

5.  b-T- BURGER $7.79

Our juicy 6oz. hamburger topped with bacon,aged,cheddar cheese,lettuce,tomato and red onions,served with coated fries and pickle.

6.  Chicken Noodle 12oz.$2.99------16 oz. $3.49